Designing tourism for good (FULL DAY)

Design thinking (or user-centred design) is well established in high-end businesses. Companies like Disney, Apple, Airbnb, Uber and Google have all used design thinking to understand their customers, to design perfect customer journeys, and to grow customers’ emotional connection to their brand. In tourism, design thinking is a powerful way of working, from micro service encounter to the destination level.

It's a process, a framework, and a toolkit that will change how you understand and design for tourism. Design thinking puts you and other stakeholders at the centre of the design process, and delivers on the issues and values that are important to you. We believe design thinking will transform tourism, and we are on a mission to design transformative visitor experiences and destination business ecosystems that deliver benefits for people, places and the planet.

This workshop is aimed at anyone interested in learning about good design in tourism and how it can be applied to maximise visitor experiences and destination business ecosystems. What’s more, it can be relatively cheap, effective and help build stakeholder buy-in. Want to know more? Then come along and get ready to design tourism for good.

What are the benefits?

  • Introduction to design thinking ideas, tools and concepts you can really use.
  • Case studies to learn from and light bulb moments to inspire you.
  • Problem solving exercises and techniques you can use in your business or organisation.
  • Access to learning materials, templates and worksheets.
  • Access to our global network of design thinkers in tourism and the visitor economy via our FB community.

Who should attend?

  • Tourism businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Tourism organisations

Economic development managers, social enterprises, tourism professionals, planners, and other change-makers.

Designing transformative visitor experiences (3.5 hours)

What makes a transformative visitor experience and how can we design and implement them? We will go through the basics of transformative and impactful visitor experiences and how to design them. We present case examples and illustrate how design thinking can help us develop awesome new experiences or refresh existing products. We will ask you to roll up your sleeves, we will provide you with exercises and worksheets, and we will work together on what challenges you! Bring a colleague so you can continue the journey in your organisation afterwards.

Designing stories with impact for your destination (3.5 hours)

Stories can help build a connection with your audience. It’s true that, with a good template and script, effective story-telling can build curiosity and connection. But we want to introduce you to the strategy. Stories help build support within your local community, build your markets, and build ownership across different stakeholders. This is the DNA of storytelling! In this workshop we will not only help you develop and understand the scripts, but also the strategy and actions needed to get you started!

Tourism for Profit and Purpose – Unleashing purpose for profit in your business (3.5 hours)

We begin this workshop by unpacking for-purpose business models (also known as benefit or b-corps model) and why adopting a mission or purpose can provide a concrete advantage for tourism and visitor economies. We will help you explore and refine your mission and purpose, and with the use of our design thinking tools, help construct the stories that connect with your customers.

Designing destination management that works (3.5 hours)

Who would have thought you can use design thinking tools and approach to design how organisations can work more effectively! In this workshop, we unpack how we can use design thinking to design tourism organisations and networks that deliver for all stakeholders.