Collaborative Learning in the Field

We invite teachers, students, industry and others to engage in tourism and social entrepreneurship in Bupsa and Bumburi in the lower Solukhumbu region, Nepal.


This two-week walking workshop is in association with the charity Moving Mountains and the award-winning responsible travel company Adventure Alternative. The trip involves trekking to the rural villages of Bupsa and Bumburi in the lower Solukhumbu region of the Himalayas where participants will work on relevant projects which are developed and supported by Moving Mountains Nepal and improve the lives of the communities without affecting the traditions and way of life of the local Sherpa people.

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Experiential learning about tourism and social entrepreneurship

This experiential, field-based course aims to deepen students’ awareness and understanding of the connection between tourism and social entrepreneurship, culminating in a two-week visit to Nepal. During this visit, students will augment what they’ve learned in the classroom with first-hand investigation of the tourism- social entrepreneurship connection within Nepalese mountain villages: its impact, both micro and macro; challenges associated with establishing and strengthening this connection; and strategies to address these challenges.

The teaching / learning approach will rely heavily on student engagement and initiative: discussion; interviews; individual reflection; and collaboration with students from participating institutions located in the United Kingdom, United States, Denmark, and Nepal. Participants will prepare for their visit to Nepal through in-class instruction in their home institution. Although our focus and travel will be in the mountain villages of Nepal, the lessons learned will have broader applicability.

The two weeks in Nepal will involve 4 or 5 days trekking, which can be physically challenging and therefore require an appropriate level of fitness.

Workshop flyer with more details is available here.

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For further information

For further information or to express an interest that your students attend, please contact Jonathan Day.