To fulfil our mission, TEFI has five key areas of activity. 

Tourism Teaching and Learning

The interests of the Tourism Teaching and Learning group include:

  • Facilitation and dissemination of innovative, values-based learning experiences in tourism education
  • Dissemination of case studies of teaching practice
  • Implementation and evaluation of values within the curriculum
  • Balancing liberal and vocational education incorporating humanities and social sciences
  • Curriculum mapping, evaluation and innovation

Initiatives and projects undertaken by tourism scholars as part of the TEFI network in the past include: 

  • Course Design Templates 
  • Benchmarking project 
  • Values inventory 
  • Innotour Global online courses 
  • Modul University Vienna's innovative Student Oath 

Tourism Scholarship

The interests of the Tourism Scholarship group include:

  • Advancing the scholarship of teaching and learning in tourism
  • Engaging in tourism in higher education policy and practice
  • Engaging with debates in higher education inside and outside tourism as a field of study

Projects include: 

Advocacy of Tourism as a Field of Study and Research

The interests of the Advocacy for Tourism Education group include:

  • Gender equity and diversity 
  • Creating awareness of tourism as a field of study
  • Working with industry and community to advocate for tourism education 
  • Promoting the value of tourism education for global citizenship
  • Recording and disseminating the history and evolution of tourism as a field of study and education
  • Advocating tourism education and engage with other disciplines and fields of study
  • Case studies that articulate the world-making role of tourism

This group seeks to raise the status of tourism in academia and industry so the best and brightest people can be attracted to expand the understanding of tourism and contribute to its transformation. 

Projects and activities include: 

  • 'This is tourism' initiative, a website to promote what tourism graduates do and their thoughts about studying tourism
  • Guidelines for gender equity in publications and conferences
  • Publications that promote tourism issues and concerns within an inter and postdisciplinary context  
  • Support and collegiality through networking, conferences, regional chapters and events (including CTS, TTRA-APAC, and others)

Tourism Education Futures

 TEFI7 Day1 Discussion

  • The interests of the Tourism Education Futures group include:
  • A forum for creative, innovative debate about the impact of future socio-economic, political and environmental trends on tourism education
  • 'Blue sky' thinking about higher education and the tourism curriculum
  • Leadership, mentoring and networking for the future
  • TEFI conference and organisational planning

It is imperative that tourism educators engage in informed debates about the future of tourism, what kind of graduates we should be producing to meet future challenges, and our own role in educating future tourism professionals. TEFI is committed to contribute to those debates. 

Projects include: 

  • Designing futuristic sessions within each TEFI event 
  • Developing and disseminating position papers on the future of tourism and tourism education.
  • Developing relationships and engaging with kindred associations and organisations.

Tourism and Social Entrepreneurship

One of the major outcomes of this Activity has been a series of Walking Conferences / Workshops. They have so far taken place in Nepal (2014 and 2017) and Vietnam (2020)

TIPSE, the Tourism Innovation Partnership for Social Entrepreneurship is a network of leading universities and social enterprises who have joined together to promote social entrepreneurship in the tourism and hospitality sectors.This group is the newest group, having emerged out of discussions with delegates at TEFI7. [Read more]  The interests of the tourism and social entrepreneurship group include:


  • Leading by example, exploring and demonstrating how tourism can make a difference through social entrepreneurship
  • The Change (Walking) Conference in Nepal in 2014 (unfortunately 2015 was cancelled)
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Tourism learning module and curriculum materials in association with Conscious Travel (Anna Pollock)