York is undoubtedly one of the most easily accessible cities in the UK and is ideally positioned in the heart of the country with direct rail links bringing you from London, Edinburgh, and Manchester in around 2 hours. Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds/Bradford airports are within easy reach and the ports of Hull and Newcastle are both within a two-hour drive.


York has a wealth of accommodation options available to suit all budgets. For more information on the hotels, B&B options available for the dates of your stay please visit: https://www.visityork.org/sleep

Train options

iTravelYork promises that: London is around two hours away by train, thanks to high speed rail links. Trains depart every half-hour with at least 25 direct trains each weekday.

Ferry options

For those of you coming from continental Europe, or Ireland, there are plenty of ferries trafficking to the UK. The closest ferry port to York is Hull.

Flight options

You have to fly? Remember that it is the landings and take-offs that consume most energy – a responsible choice is therefore to choose direct flights whenever you can.

Getting to York by train is both easy and great value for money.  LNER  and  Grand Central  will bring you to York in under two hours, while Edinburgh is only two and a half hours away. There are direct services from Birmingham and the South West and additionally,  TransPennine Express  runs direct train services from Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle. Booking your tickets direct with the train company is always the best choice, and often results in great savings on advance train fares.

Mini guide to the quickest trains to York:
London: 1h 50m | Edinburgh: 2h 23m | Manchester: 1h 24m | Sheffield: 56m | Cardiff: 4h 35m | Glasgow: 3h 24m | Newcastle: 55m | Nottingham: 1h 58m | Bristol: 4h | Liverpool: 2h 13m | Derby: 1h 33m | Carlisle: 2h 32m | Birmingham: 2h 15m

Tourism is by definition including travel, and as we all know, travel is a major contributor to Climate Change. To travel to a conference is therefore always a choice that carries within it some unfortunate negative consequences.

In order to help you make your travel in an as responsible fashion as possible, we put together this page with some hints, and links to useful sites where you can plan your journey.
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You have to cross some waterways, in one way or another, to get to the UK

Remember that longer ferry rides give you time to polish your presentation, or take a nap.
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Rail transport

York is the home of the world’s largest railway museum!

So why not start the journey in style, and arrive to York by train?
i-Travel York

York is in easy travelling distance of 4 international airports –  Leeds/Bradford, Manchester, Humberside and Robin Hood Doncaster/Sheffield.
York is easy to get to from Leeds Bradford International Airport. All you have to do is take the 757 bus from Leeds-Bradford airport and go to the Leeds train station where you can find frequent trains to York.