TEF17 Conference Resources

TEFI 7 was focused on the capacity of tourism education to contribute to global citizenship and to create graduates who can lead lives of consequence. The proceedings, resources, presentations and links that can be found on this page are the collective outputs from the participants of TEFI7.

Welcome to the World of Learning

Alter how you think about the future of higher education by exploring major forces and potential actions outlined on this website.

OECD - Four Scenarios on the Future of Higher Education

This research project investigated what higher education might look like in 2030, elaborating four scenarios: open networking; serving local communities; new public responsibility; and higher education inc. Read the final report here.

East-West Centre - Education Resources

The International Forum for Education 2020 was initiated by the East-West Center to address the need for new paradigms in higher education that will respond to transforming economic, social and cultural changes. These changes result from increased globalization, heightened interdependency and uneven development among nations. The core of any society’s capacity to deal with such dramatic change lies in its educational system. Rapidly accelerating and uneven change calls for educational responses that go beyond simply reforming existing institutions.

Building a Stronger Future: Australian tourism, hospitality and events education

The aim of this project was to map the Australian tourism, hospitality and events curriculum space and to build a foundation of information from which we can start to discuss important issues about curriculum design, content, delivery, academic standards and graduate outcomes.

This website is unfortunately no longer active.

The Future of Higher Education

Pew Internet/Elon University conducted research to explore the future of higher education. A range of thought provoking resources and media resources were available on their website, but are no longer.