Euro-TEFI 2017 summit

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Building our Stories: Co-creating Tourism Futures in Research and Practice

We are pleased to share with you the highlights of the upcoming Euro-TEFI summit at Aalborg University in Copenhagen on 20-22 August 2017.

Four Inspiring Keynotes on Making a Difference

Jaan Aps

Director of Stories of Impact

Jaan is a hands-on leader and expert in social innovation management and provides advice via the European Commission’s Expert Group on Social Business (GECES). Jaan's passion is for change making through story-telling. At Euro-TEFI 2017 he will relate stories of tourism social enterprise, where we can learn and reflect on the challenges, contributions and successes of tourism social entrepreneurs who are choosing to drive change by ground up action.
Stories of Impact: Linkedin:

Kristina Lindström 

University of Gothenburg and Vastsverige DMO, Sweden

Ulla Gawlik 

Tikitut, Social Enterprise, Gothenburg, Sweden

Kristina and social entrepreneur Ulla Gawlik tell the founding story of Tikitut, a community-based tourism social enterprise. Their joint presentation will explore how the sharing of food and hospitality is addressing social issues, and how researchers can be a part of it. Who would have thought - Sweden!

Johan Edelheim

The Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger, and Multidimensional Tourism Institute, University of Lapland

Johan will be taking us to the Magical Land of Tourism (MLT), treasured by politicians but endangered by the dragon of climate change and other wicked, global problems. When we take on careers in tourism academia, we are making a conscious choice: to study the MLT, to teach our students about it, and to serve communities by increasing knowledge about the MLT. Most community members believe that we work in marketing, it is common to be asked: ‘Well, how could we get more tourists to this area’? But what if our job is to train dragon slayers, what competencies do we need for that, and what will future tourism education look like?


First-hand Tourism Experiences Making a Difference

Gadens Stemmer An unforgettable tour with the social enterprise Street Voices delivering guided walks in Copenhagen and developed out of cooperation between the local government and street people. ( in Danish)

Reflexive City Stroll A philosopher to storyteller walking tour of Copenhagen where upon we reflect on the meaning of tourism scholarship and its societal contributions.

Lost & Found in Translation This panel session will unlock multilingual voices in the tourism academy to build upon recent Trinet debates about the importance of addressing the English language hegemony in tourism scholarship.


New Platforms Making a Difference

New Leaders Forum (Tourism NXT?)

We would like to invite those interested in the future of the tourism scholarship and the academy to engage in a New Leaders Forum. If you are interested in participating and planning this event, please contact us!


Deadline for abstracts is on Tuesday, 28th February 2017

Read more and submit your abstract on the Euro-TEFI Summit website:

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