Activism, Empowerment and Political Agency in Tourism Education

University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada,  June 4–7, 2014



You may download the final programme as a pdf file at the bottom of the page.

Arrival & Registration: June 4

6:30 pm

Registration and Informal Barbeque Dinner—Fireplace Lounge, East Residence, University of Guelph


Day 1 June 5

8:00 am

Registration and Continental BreakfastPathobiology Foyer outside of Room 1800


Welcome—Room 1800, Pathobiology Building

Professor Alastair Summerlee, President and Vice Chancellor, University of Guelph

Dr. Marion Joppe, School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, University of Guelph


Opening Session ◊ Introduction to TEFI, Goals

Dr. Dianne Dredge, Aalborg University, Denmark—Chair, TEFI Executive Committee


Keynote Presentation ◊ Taking Stock: Research on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, Dean, College of Business and Economics, University of Guelph

Discussion Moderator: Dr. Statia Elliot, School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management, University of Guelph


Coffee BreakPathobiology Foyer


Special Presentation ◊ Transformational Encounters with Indigenous Communities

Johnny Edmonds, Secretariat Coordinator, World Indigenous Tourism Alliance

Discussion Moderator: Dr. Christian Schott, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Lunch—Rooms 1707b&c, Ontario Veterinary College Building


Keynote Presentation and Workshop ◊ “The Hive”: Activating Change through Experiential Learning

Chris Castro, Founder & Executive Director, IDEAS for Us (an international sustainability NGO)

Discussion Moderator: Dr. Marion Joppe, University of Guelph


Coffee BreakPathobiology Foyer


Parallel Sessions: Papers and Thought Bubbles


Of Home and Away: Lessons of Place and Mobility—Pathobiology 1800

Chair: Dr. Kellee Caton

Place, Self, and Other: Seeing, Engaging, Remembering, and Learning—Pathobiology 1812

Chair: Dr. Avital Biran


Inciting Tourism’s Education’s Ethical and Political Imagination—Pathobiology 1813

Chair: Dr. Statia Elliot



·       Transformative Learning and Travel

Christian Schott

·   The Marketing of a Siege—Leningrad vs. Sarajevo: Education through the Memo-rializing of Death and Despair

Brent McKenzie

·    Integrating the Study of Ethics into a Hospitality and Leisure Course

Frances Ann Hill


·    Critical Pedagogy and Transformational Learning in Tourism: Exploring the Promise of Memory-Work

Pooneh Torabian, Meghan Muldoon, Mahsa Rouzrokh, and Heather Mair

·   Constructing the Rural/Urban Divide through Tourism: Representations and Reflec-tions from Student Experien-tial Learning Experiences

Tristin Vogel, Caileigh MacKinnon, Peter McComie, Ali Mostolizadeh, and Bryan Grimwood

·    Research Practice as Ethical Guide: Developing Ethical Consciousness through Reflexivity in a Visual Research of Tourism

S. Ali Mostolizadeh


·    Illuminating the “Black Box” of Travel and Learning

Kai Liang, Kellee Caton, and David J. Hill

·   Study Abroad as a Transformative Experience: Measuring Study Abroad Activities and Outcomes

Garrett Stone (Student Bursary Winner), Brian Hill, Mat Duerden, and Eva Witesman

·    Corporate Political Activity: The Role of Tourism Graduates

Bonnie Canziani


·    Liminality and the Short-Term Study Abroad Experience

Carla Almeida Santos and Rebecca E. Van Tine

·   Writing Practices of Freedom in Tourism Research

Maggie C. Miller


·    Tourism, Politics, and Global Food Movements: Conceptua-lization, Alternatives, and Transformational Learning

Heather Mair and Jennifer Sumner


·    Towards a Critical Pedagogy of Place in Tourism Education

Bryan S. R. Grimwood




Day 1 Reflection and Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Johan Edelheim, University of Lapland


Down Time


Dinner and Recognition of Bursary WinnersPJ’s Restaurant, Macdonald Stewart Hall

(Informal Reception begins at 5:30 pm)


Social Gathering and Workshop ◊ Gender in the Tourism Academy—Hospitality Suite, Fireplace Lounge, East Residence

Workshop Coordinators: Avital Biran, Dianne Dredge, Ana María Munar

Workshop Facilitators: Adriana Budeanu, Kellee Caton, Tazim Jamal


Day 2 June 6

8:00 am

Continental Breakfast—Pathobiology Foyer


Keynote Presentation ◊ Sustainable Community Collaboration—Room 1800, Pathobiology Building

Dr. Tazim Jamal, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University

Discussion Moderator: Dr. David Fennell, Brock University


Special Presentation ◊ Transform or Perish: A Rationale and Approach to Applying Transformational Learning to Tourism and Hospitality

Anna Pollock, Founder, Conscious Travel

Discussion Moderator: Dr. Bonnie Canziani, University of North Carolina Greensboro


Coffee Break—Pathobiology Foyer


Panel ◊ Perspectives on Transformational Learning: Activism, Empowerment, and Political Agency

Panelists: Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, Chris Castro, Dr. Tazim Jamal, Johnny Edmonds

Moderator: Anna Pollock


Lunch—Rooms 1707b&c, Ontario Veterinary College Building


Parallel Sessions: Papers and Thought Bubbles


Innovation and Engagement in the Classroom and Community—Pathobiology 1800

Chair: Dr. Adriana Budeanu

Reflections on the Contemporary Tourism Academy —Pathobiology 1812

Chair: Dr. Bryan Grimwood


·     Transforming Micro-Firm Tourism Networks: Exploring the Road to a Sustainable Learning Community

Leana Reinl and Felicity Kelliher

·  Academic Activism in Tourism Studies: A Philosophical Justification by Four Academics

Rob Hales, Dianne Dredge, Freya Higgins-Desbiolles, and Tazim Jamal


·    An Exploration of Evolving Learning Communities in the Micro-Firm Rural Tourism Environment: A Multi-Country Study

David Aylward, Leana Reinl, and Felicity Kelliher

· The Ethics of Excellence in Tourism Research

David Fennell


·     A Key Tourism Education Futures Challenge: Facilitating Responsible Leadership Learning for Destination Management and Marketing Organizations

Ernie Heath

· Making the Case: The Political Repositioning of Tourism

Brendan Paddison and David Kelsey


·     iPads, iPhones, People and Projects: The Future of Student Engagement

Brittany Manley (Student Bursary Winner)

· Exploring Effective Diffusion of Tourism and Hospitality MOOCs

Jamie Murphy, Laurel Horton-Tognazzini, and Alan Williams


·    Experiential Learning: Learning Beyond the Classroom—The Branding of Canadian Sparkling Wine: Vinsseaux Traditionnel

Doris Miculan Bradley and Donna Lee Rosen

·  (Psst...Go down the hall to Room 1800 for the wine presentation)




Tea Time: Sponsored by Australia’s OLT Project “Setting the Standard” —Pathobiology Foyer


Panel ◊ Massive Open Online Courses: Transformational Learning in Tourism Education

Panelists: Jamie Murphy, Laurel Horton-Tognazzini, Roberto Daniele, and Kate Varini


Day 2 Reflection and Discussion

Moderator: Dr. Johan Edelheim, University of Lapland


Down Time


Gala Dinner and TEFI Walking Workshop Celebration at Cambridge MillBus leaves from East Village Townhouses to travel to Cambridge Mill


Day 3 June 7


Continental Breakfast—Pathobiology Foyer


Workshop ◊ Tourism Advocacy

Coordinators and Facilitators: Dr. Dianne Dredge and Dr. Ana María Munar


Reflecting On and Consolidating TEFI’s Work

TEFI Executive Team

1.     Taking advocacy efforts forward for tourism as a field of study and employment

2.     Re-shaping tourism scholarship: relevancy, meaning, and metrics

3.     Creative, innovative debate about the impact of future socio-economic trends on tourism education

4.     Facilitation of innovative, values-based learning experiences for students at all levels

5.     Emergent issues


Coffee Break—Pathobiology Foyer


Wrapping Up TEFI 8

Dr. Dianne Dredge, Chair, and Dr. Christian Schott, Vice Chair, TEFI Executive Committee


Learning Tour: From Community-based Tourism to Teaching TEFI Values in Action

(Boxed Lunches Provided)—Rooms 1707b&c, Ontario Veterinary College Building


Bus Departs from Ontario Veterinary College Parking Lot


Guided Tour of “The Mennonite Story”—The Visitor Centre, 1406 King St. North, St. Jacobs


Bus Departs St. Jacobs for the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market


Free Time to Walk about the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market (Market open until 3:30 pm)


Meet with St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market Representative—Farmers’ Market Office (near the Peddlar’s Village)


Bus Departs for University of Guelph


Sharing of Learning Outcomes—Fireplace Lounge, East Residence

Dinner - Own arrangements

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