TEFI is the leading, forward-looking tourism network that inspires, informs and supports actions that passionately and courageously transform the world for the better.

TEFI represents a new and inclusive tourism academy. It is a social movement comprised of people (educators, researchers, industry actors and community members), who seek to progress an alternative type of tourism that is sustainable and just, that delivers blended social, economic and environmental value, and that promotes vibrant flourishing communities.

Our ambition is to move beyond business as usual, exploitative and extractive industrial approaches to tourism. We seek to create spaces of knowledge co-creation and exchange between a wide range of actors, and we thus embrace a definition of 'education' that extends well beyond teaching and learning. We want to create better and more informed tourism practices. TEFI embraces critical scholarship but moves forward towards activism and engaged world-making.

The distinguishing feature of TEFI-ites is that they care for much more than publication metrics and citations. We believe that long term sustainability must be involve holistic approaches and that tourism is intimately bound up in a larger and more complex world which we cannot divorce ourselves from. Our inspirational members remind us that there is so much to learn from each other in the process of caring for people and planet.


Latest news

NEW!! The Disruptive Power of Caring in Tourism Education - Special Issue of JTTT

This special issue is inspired by the TEFI 9 conference on the same theme, which took place in British Columbia in the summer of 2016, but we are pleased to consider manuscripts from authors who did not attend the conference as well.  We welcome any submissions that fit within the wide theme of intersections between care and tourism education. More information here.


TEFI9 Conference Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, B.C. Canada 26-29th June 2016

Proudly sponsored by Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops British Columbia, the TEFI9 conference will take place 26 to 29th June 2016. Details about the TEFI9 conference "Celebrating the disruptive power of caring" are now available! 


TEFI and Gender Equality

The TEFI Recommendations for Promoting Gender Equity and Balance in Conferences and Editorial Boards is available! Click here for details.